Helena Escalante-About MeMy Purpose

It is my purpose to find niches of opportunity where I can serve others effectively by creating value, leading them by example, and empowering them to reach their goals.


My Mission

I am committed to being:

  • An individual who strongly appreciates her health and nurtures her body.
  • A perpetual student of personal growth and achievement.
  • A kind, loving, and grateful daughter, sister, relative, and friend on whom others can count unconditionally.
  • A loving, respectful, faithful, and playful wife to my husband and our relationship.
  • An organized and punctual person.
  • A successful entrepreneur.
  • A leader, role model, and mentor to help others reach their goals.
  • A referable business colleague and acquaintance that always leads herself with ethics and integrity.
  • A profoundly spiritual person.
  • A generous giver of my time and resources to altruistic and charitable causes.
  • A positive influence and an optimistic presence wherever I go.
  • A creative problem solver.