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Helena Escalante is a professional marketing, communications and translations consultant. She brings 20 years of experience, divided among the private and public sectors both in Mexico and the United States. The goal of her professional career and her company has always been to help business executives find the right business partners, establish successful marketing strategies for their products and services, and increase their sales. She has great knowledge in the realm of multicultural marketing, advertising, public relations and communications, and she has focused on creating a positive presence in the Spanish-speaking world for her clients. In this fashion, companies acquire an important market share within their niche in the Hispanic marketplace as they tap into the unparalleled purchasing power of the Spanish–speaking market in the United States, Latin America and Spain. Couple this with the fact that she is also well-versed in the latest technology used for marketing and advertising and you have a winning combination to create a tailored, successful synergy for your products or services in the Spanish-speaking world.

Helena had the honor of being selected to serve as the official interpreter for the President of Mexico during his visit with the Texas Governor, as well as numerous other times in which she has been selected to accompany and serve as language and culture consultant for numerous United States and foreign governors, diplomats, government officials, and other high-profile international executives. She is not only bilingual but bicultural and has successfully merged her love of entrepreneurship, foreign languages and marketing to serve her clients.